About BAPS

The  Business  Acceleration Platform Sint Maarten

Business Acceleration Platform Sint Maarten (BAPS) focuses on a medium and longer-term approach to revitalize the economy and to bridge the gap between Government aid and what is envisioned in order to return Sint Maarten to be the shining star and preferred destination in the Caribbean basin.


BAPS is a private initiative, the purpose of this business and acceleration platform is to identify opportunities and encourage new business investment, thereby increasing economic activity and increasing GDP by creating more jobs.

This initiative contributes to the economic strengthening of Sint Maarten and will increase the business investments that are complementary to the funds available for the NRRP. As a result, the quality of the living environment will gradually improve. The organization tries to create value for and in society. This social objective aims to improve the investment climate for a sustainable economy.

The Mission

The mission is: seeking the acceleration of Sint Maarten’s economy by providing a matchmaking platform for entrepreneurs and investors, to generate opportunity and sustainable growth.

BAPS organizes the platform where affiliates can meet each other; companies, innovative entrepreneurs, investors, branch organizations, regional partnerships, research institutions and also project developers, scientists, and NGOs. This Business Platform encourages (international) companies from different countries and different sectors to start joint ventures and industrial/business partnerships and thus become active in the Sint Maarten economy. In collaboration, the members of the Business Platform and joint knowledge will help in identifying and compiling (large-scale) business cases.

How do we achieve the goal and how do we make optimal use of opportunities? And what can BAPS contribute to what other organizations already do? An analysis of the current investment climate, the role of the government and other organizations shows that there are some gaps in which this Platform will play an important role. This requires an organization and a budget. The starting point for the work plan is that BAPS only does what others (the government, other organizations) leave behind.

What can BAPS mean for you?

BAPS works from the conviction that respect for the Island environment is one of the most important guidelines for developing the economy. We can no longer afford to produce and consume with our backs to nature. What we firmly believe is that if we focus our activities on improving the lives of the citizens and come up with genuinely sustainable solutions, we are more in sync with tourist visitors and society and ultimately this will result in good returns on investment.

“When you give people -who are never heard in freedom and with confidence- the chance to say what they would actually like to say,
then things come to the surface that you do not know about.
Then you can really do something about it together and it is your duty to make it work “