About the logo

Why do we use the hexagon in our logo?

The hexagon is one of the geometric shapes that occur in nature. Found in the formation of honeycomb it is associated with bees and their co-operative, hard-working natures. Hexagons appear in honeycombs because they’re the most efficient way to fill a space with the least amount of material.


The hexagon symbolizes Communication, Interfacing, Balance, Union, Love, Sincerity, Truth, Harmony, Equality, Perfection, Integration, Conjoining, Reliability, Dependability.

So, why do we use the hexagon? Now you know. We strive to build a solid platform based on mutual cooperation and trust. With an eye for our natural environment.

The Interactive Logo


Bethlehem Estate Coralita Beach Bethlehem Village Middle Bethlehem

Bethlehem Estate

This location will be the next up and coming location which will be a center on the Island and has been designed and planned as a one-stop-shop boasting location for offices, services, dining, entertainment, as well residential possibilities. There is a historical location as there was also a plantation on the property, which is a perfect location for a restaurant where ruins and history of the location can be highlighted. There is also a location (big circle) which was thought to be a good location for a cricket stadium or other sports.


Coralita Beach

Bethlehem Village

Middle Bethlehem