Bridging Gaps

While much has been done, much remains to be done. It is the intention of BAPS to bridge the gap between what the government and other organizations have not yet been able to address. There are numerous business opportunities since the hurricane Irma inflicted the damages. There are several gaps in the business sector left by those companies which were either destroyed by the hurricane or for which the financial means to re-start their business was non-existent or those who simply left the Island in search of other opportunities.

Ambition on Projects

The ambition of BAPS is to identify a number of projects and developments on Sint Maarten that can be carried out through cooperation between local entrepreneurs, companies and/or foreign investors who seek to make sound financial investments with solid ROI, thereby creating a win-win situation.

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Bethlehem Estate Coralita Beach Bethlehem Village Middle Bethlehem

Bethlehem Estate

This location will be the next up and coming location which will be a center on the Island and has been designed and planned as a one-stop-shop boasting location for offices, services, dining, entertainment, as well residential possibilities. There is a historical location as there was also a plantation on the property, which is a perfect location for a restaurant where ruins and history of the location can be highlighted. There is also a location (big circle) which was thought to be a good location for a cricket stadium or other sports.

Coralita Beach

Bethlehem Village

Middle Bethlehem