Astrid Plantz

Astrid Plantz is the local Managing Director of Rice Hill Gardens Development N.V. and Bethlehem Real Estate Development N.V.  Both development companies are actively involved in bringing quality organized development to Sint Maarten.  It’s current and planned developments will lead to more job opportunity, improvement of social and economic aspects for Sint Maarten residents as well as adding to the coffers for government by way of investment in these projects.

Her work experience spans from financial services, compliance, and real estate.

The family Plantz owns the former plantations Belvedere and Bethlehem Estate and has been lobbying to develop part of Belvedere as a Historic and Cultural Park, which will add a much needed additional touristic product on the island but also educate residents and visitors alike of the history of St. Maarten.

Mrs. Plantz is a great-granddaughter of Charles Daniel Esprit Beauperthuy (mayor of the French Side of St. Martin 1904-1919) and Melanie Constance Gumbs.  She is a granddaughter of William Rufus Plantz (in 1937 first elected representative to the government of the Netherlands Antilles from the Windward Islands) and Amelia Valentine Beauperthuy.

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