Eline van den Berg

Founder and Co-Founder of BAPS.
Sint Maarten (SXM) has been my home for almost 3 years. I have lived and worked on SXM with my husband. Due to Hurricane IRMA that we also experienced on the island we were forced to leave the Island with a lot of pain in our hearts. From the day we left I have been in constant contact with my friends and private businesses on the island to get things moving. I still believe and have always believed in the great opportunities of the most beautiful Island in the Caribbean: Sint Maarten.
Due to my former work on SXM, as a senior Manager at KPMG Caribbean, my network on SXM is big. I have done a lot of projects within the government as well as did I start a “round table” with a close group of the captains of industry in the private sector for initiating island-wide projects. As I always believe that the private sector is the fundament of the SXM economy, also within BAPS we want to support private businesses by bringing people together from the inside, who also believe in the great opportunities we see for SXM.
Due to my experience as a project- and program manager I have the ability to guide projects during the start and further developments. Being gifted by knowledge and the experience of working on the island as well due to my spirit to really accomplish, I act as an intermediary for both sides of the ocean.

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