Norbert de Melker

I’ve got the ‘SXM-virus’ because I lived in Sint Maarten as the former director of the old FoodCenter, the largest privately owned taxpayer and an important employer on the island. In 1988, I experienced the consequences of hurricane Gilbert. I am still very fond of the people and our island. I feel compelled to help and I want to contribute with my knowledge, commitment, and experience. So that ultimately the best is done for all the inhabitants of the island and thus offer them a sustainable future perspective. That is why we started BAPS.
After leaving Sint Maarten, I have held various senior management and director positions on a project and interim basis and as an independent entrepreneur.
From 2002 I was the founder and during 14 years director of Stichting Nederlands KennisCentrum voor Commissarissen and Supervisors (NKCC) in The Hague, a national network and knowledge/ communication platform for good corporate governance and supervisory board members. In the academy, we organized education and workshops on the theme of corporate governance and supervision. In 2015 NKCC merged with NCD, the Dutch Association of Directors, this created the largest association of supervisory board members and directors in the Netherlands. After the merger was established in 2016, I retired as the figurehead and concentrate on boardroom advice, mentoring and non-executive board functions.

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