Help building sustainable and resilient agricultural projects

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Help building sustainable and resilient agricultural projects
To reduce dependence on food imports in the future, large-scale agriculture is necessary to make Sint Maarten less vulnerable and more self-sufficient. Through joint effort, we can grow fresh vegetables on SXM and thus reduce the cost of living.

To be competitive, to guarantee a consistent supply, and to deliver first class products, innovative methods need to be introduced.

Several enthusiastic entrepreneurs have taken initiatives to bring agriculture back to the island. There are large plots of land available that have been family owned for centuries. These local agricultural projects have now to be further developed.

In order to accelerate this development and to support it with resources and finances, we are on behalf of local entrepreneurs looking for companies, collaborating partners and knowledge partners in the field of:

+ preparation of agricultural land and irrigation, drainage and collection of rainwater;

+ modern hurricane-resistant farming methods, such as permaculture, hydroponics and aquaponics;

+ hurricane-resistant greenhouses;

+ agricultural machinery and its start-up financing.

+ we seek advice and participation on how to deal with animal pests on agricultural land, such as the African giant snail, the green iguana and Vervet monkeys.

Let us serve the people and preserve nature on our beautiful island.

Are you interested? Is your company interested to cooperate and invest in the reconstruction of SXM and do you want more detailed information? Please contact us or respond to this message.

‘Stronger together for a better and sustainable future of Sint Maarten and its inhabitants’