Introduction of BAPS

BAPS – SXM Wing – Paul Boetekees, Brenda Wathey, and Astrid Plantz
BAPS – Dutch Wing – Eline van den Berg, and Norbert de Melker

BAPS and its ambition

As a platform, we are politically neutral and will serve SXM by stimulating and accelerating the private sector to boost the economy of SXM, by bringing the right people together. That is the main reason why we have initiated this initiative. Over the almost one and a half year we have been spending time and money privately to strive to accomplish a business network what is built on trust and ambition to really make this work.


Non-political, integrity, sustainability and a healthy commercial and social attitude are fundamentals in our way of acting. Due to our solid network and because of our track record as a trusted partner for several years we have a broad connection with the private sector on SXM and in the Netherlands.

Commitment & empathy

Personally, we all love SXM and the people, we are committed, feeling a lot of empathy as we understand the culture and where the country has come from. That in total is our drive and goal.


By establishing BAPS we have chosen to have an ambitious team on SXM-soil as well as a team in the Netherlands. By meeting each other once every two weeks we are progressing our mutual goals and ambitions. Gathering serious projects and matching these with private investors and entrepreneurs we are busy with the fundamentals of the economy of SXM.

For more information see also our “contact” page with our personal profiles.