Flagstaff Resort at Bethlehem Estate

Flagstaff Resort is located above the planned Link 6 which will be connecting the Dutch cul-de-sac area to the Dutch and French quarter.  Link 6 was approved project by the Steering Committee and is in the preparatory phase with the World Bank as part of the reconstruction of Sint Maarten.

Flagstaff Resort will be a gated area that can be split in the lower part (Flagstaff Terraces) and the higher part (Flagstaff Retreat).

Flagstaff Terraces which reaches the height of 200 meters on Mt. Flagstaff is a location for the development of vacation/retirement villas which will have beautiful views.  The idea is to have villas built in a more open concept environment without fencing around them and making use of the green and lush environment.    Vacation villas could be used for ROI with a management company that can handle the rental pool.  There is no such concept on the Dutch Side of St. Maarten.

Flagstaff Retreat is a location intended for a luxury ecolodge and all that is expected thereof for this segment of tourists that Sint Maarten is missing.  Due to its location on Mt. Flagstaff (starting at 235 meters height and ending at 318 meters height), there are additional restrictions as per the infrastructure permit obtained from the Government of Sint Maarten.  The beauty of this location is the serene views of the surrounding Islands.

The design must include the criteria set forth in the infrastructure permit.

This includes amongst other things:

  • the total cottages: 34 – 1 bedroom

18 – 2 bedrooms

  • façades of wood or Rockwall etc

This location was presented, including the possibility for a lobby/restaurant and pool area which could be utilized for local day-guests or cruise tourists.  A separate pool area for eco-lodge guests is also projected.

Project available for the purpose indicated above.

Current status:

  • Monitoring progress of Link 6
  • The developer will donate property for the purpose of building water tanks to increase the water reserve capacity for the area.

Please click for the plan: Flagstaff Resort

(Flagstaff resort) security gated location