Opportunity for competent telecom operator

Corporate Innovations N.V., (“CINV”, doing business as The Windward Islands Network “WIN”)
is a limited liability company incorporated in 2001 under the laws of St. Maarten, with  address at Fouress Building #4, Suite A, Philipsburg, St. Maarten.
Corporate Innovations’ mission is to become the premier multimedia mobile services provider on St. Maarten by continuously creating and providing the most cutting-edge wireless voice and data network, thereby allowing our customers to fully benefit from the advancements in mobile

The Corporate Innovations vision consists of four separate objectives:
• To provide superior mobile telecommunications services to the country of St. Maarten
• To be the strategic link in our customers’ communication processes
• To develop remarkable solutions and exceed our customers’ expectations
• To provide our employees with opportunity and platform to develop their skills

On October 10, 2012, the Governor of St. Maarten, upon the recommendation of the Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunication, granted a 20-year concession to Corporate Innovations to construct, maintain and operate a mobile telecommunications network utilizing the following frequencies:
• LTE in 1800 MHz
• UMTS in 2100 MHz

Corporate Innovations intends to provide a 3G/HSPA+ & 4G/LTE multimedia mobile services to all areas of St. Maarten. Corporate Innovations’ goal is to become the premier multimedia mobile services provider on St. Maarten. By offering superior customer service and providing vastly
enhanced services (both high-definition voice and ultra-high speed data), Corporate Innovations expects to win more than a proportional share of the domestic market and a large portion of the roaming voice and data market. The Company will develop services that have been previously
unavailable to mobile users in St. Maarten.

Two mobile operators are presently providing the telecommunication services on the Dutch-side of St. Maarten: TelCell N.V. and United Telecommunication Services N.V. (UTS). The Government of St. Maarten owns 100% of TelCell, while UTS is owned by both the Government of Curaçao (87.5%) and the Government of St. Maarten (12.5%). Both operators have been in operation for more than 10 years on St. Maarten as mobile operators and provide Internet to their respective customers; UTS through its Wi-Max network and TelCell through its parent company TelEm.

As of 2013, the number of mobile connections reached 69,686 and the number of Internet connections was 11,328. The Bureau of Telecommunications & Post of St. Maarten (St. Maarten’s telecommunications regulator) expects the number of mobile connections to increase at a rate of 2% per year over the next five years. In response to the expectation of new high-speed wireless services in St. Maarten, the growth of mobile data connections is expected to increase at an even higher rate in the period 2014-2018.

A team of seasoned professionals will lead Corporate Innovations. This team will spearhead a lean, dynamic, and efficient workforce that is dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience, business management, and network/IT technical expertise. The Management Team
will communicate and instill the mission and vision of the Company into the culture of the organization as it strives to become the premier multimedia mobile services provider on St. Maarten. The foundation of the Company will be built on delivering excellent, reliable, and high-quality services.
The global cellular industry and infrastructures worldwide have migrated to data and content. Corporate Innovations will capitalize on this global trend and introduce the latest data and content technology to the domestic St. Maarten market.

The products and services we will provide will fill an unmet need in the marketplace as our network will be built to accommodate high-speed data (LTE) with superior coverage. The Business Plan has been prepared based on a modest growth forecast that Corporate Innovations believes
it can comfortably achieve. Corporate Innovations intends to be the market leader in St. Maarten by being the first to introduce innovative products; offering comparable rates to all users; and assuring high-quality media services at all times. Corporate Innovations intends to make
business decisions based on future technological developments with economic value.

Corporate Innovations believes that strategic international partnerships are essential to their success and sustained growth. Corporate Innovations intends to enter into a strategic alliance with a major Operator in the Caribbean and leverage existing roaming agreements to offer Corporate Innovations customers’ competitive pricing when traveling abroad. The alliance also allows Corporate Innovations subscribers to roam freely in French St Martin.