The Village at the Border at Bethlehem Estate

Bethlehem Estate is a large estate of approximately 163 acres (660,000 m2) of privately- owned land located on the Dutch side of Sint Maarten at the border of the Dutch and French quarter.

The property can be divided into three parts for the purpose of development discussions:

  1. The Village at the Border,
  2. Middle Bethlehem, and
  3. Flagstaff Resort at Bethlehem High.

The Village at the Border is indicated in Sint Maarten’s zoning plan as a new center for the Island and the masterplan has been professionally designed by a renowned urban planning company in the US with further amendments made by the developer in close consultation with several stakeholders.

Properties will be sold for specific purposes and each property owner will have the requirement to build, according to the masterplan, within set timeframes and will be part of a property owner’s foundation.  Purchasing without developing will not be possible at this location as we strive for the development to be continuous to be able to complete the project.

Marketed as a one-stop-shop location featuring a supermarket location (property of 20,000 m2 already purchased), retail stores, offices, services, dining, entertainment, hotel, apartment complex, and townhome development possibilities, this location is sure to become a popular location for locals of both the Dutch and French side as well as visiting tourists.  Main street properties will have to be constructed with facades throughout to reflect English, French and Dutch influences (think Orient Bay).  Parties purchasing property in the main street will be encouraged to have apartments above.  There is a separate location for a townhome community and an apartment complex that can be purchased by a developer for that purpose.

In addition, there is a location that could accommodate a sports stadium for cricket, baseball, soccer or a mixed sports complex.  Alternatives can be considered for this property which is approximately 42,000 m2. Bethlehem Estate also includes part of the Island’s historical value as a plantation was located on the property.  This location is perfect for a historical restaurant where the ruins and history of the location can be highlighted.

Current status:

  • Detailing of infrastructure and parking complete
  • Engineering to be completed December 2019
  • Permit request to be submitted immediately following completion of engineering
  • Anticipated start of Infrastructure construction 1st quarter 2020
  • Pricing will be available 1st quarter of 2020

Click here for layout plan: Village at the border at Bethlehem Estate